I am a graphic and multimedia designer and consultant based in suburban Atlanta, Georgia whose mission is to provide creative solutions that meet your needs and budget, not someone else’s idea of good design.

I make myself available to you!

How many times have you actually met the people who create your designs? The designers themselves, not the salespeople. I prefer to meet face to face, not over some impersonal means of communication. After all, you never know …. we could be making faces at you from the other side of the phone. Or even vice-versa.

It’s that kind of interaction, the bouncing of ideas back and forth – the coming together of minds – that breeds great ideas ….. and great results!

I cater to small businesses and individuals and provide outstanding creative solutions that make your products and services stand apart from the competition. From the design of your company’s logo to the development of an interactive PDF for your clients, Together, we make it happen.